The strange things people have done on dates.

Episode 18 June 12, 2021 01:08:03
The strange things people have done on dates.
Loving the Strange
The strange things people have done on dates.

Jun 12 2021 | 01:08:03


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Carrie Jones Shaun Farrar

Show Notes

Hey! Welcome to episode 18 of LOVING THE STRANGE where we talk about the strange, adorable things people do on dates!

Dates. What are those long lost things?

Thank you all so much for listening! This wouldn’t be fun if you weren’t here.

So here are a few stories.

I was set up by a coworker with his wife’s cousin. I worked in a deli at a grocery store. So our first meeting I was in a hair net and apron and no make up. I barely remembered what he looked like but we must have hit it off because the next day my coworker said the guy wanted to swap phone numbers. I wasn’t from this area so i was nervous when he invited me to a town I never heard of April fool’s for a bonfire. I took a chance and found my way there. When I arrived it was only me and him at his friends farm, no one had arrived yet. I was nervous. Once others arrived we went muddin in his truck amd danced under the stars in the light of the fire. His friend’s truck got stuck in the mud so my date went to help pull him out and his truck got stuck. They ended up dragging it out with a tractor but the truck wasnt in neutral so the tie rod end snapped. My date was upset so someone handed him a bottle of homemade wine. He got drunk but we still had a good time. At the end of the date he walked me to my car and said he was gonna go sleep on top of a silo. I was nervous he was gonna roll off and fall to his death…. So that was an awkward but memorable first date…. We have been together for a total of 10 yrs , 8.5 of those years we have been married. Still going strong

Amanda Courtney

Sad I missed this. My hubby and I connected online and our first date was in a nature park. I took us on a short cut off the trail to visit some horses that live on the backside of the park and we ended up lost in the woods for three hours

Autumn Gin

First one: I rode with a friend to her mom’s for the weekend (so I didn’t have a car) and they left to go somewhere on that Saturday. I had a friend (he was a guy) come pick me up to get Steak ‘n Shake. While we were eating my female friend came to get me to take me to her place. She comes in and goes “is this a date?” While I was saying “no” he was saying “yes”. Needless to say it was very awkward after that. </div></body></html>

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